Many of Health Navigaid's services are described below. We provide these services on a fixed price, hourly or other basis depending upon the nature of our engagement. Health Navigaid offers a complimentary initial consultation for most of our services.


  • Identifying pertinent questions that should be asked in preparation for a physician office visit or hospital stay.
  • Accompanying you to a physician office visit to ensure that all questions are asked and answered in a manner that you understand.
  • Supporting your right to receive appropriate, timely, safe, compassionate and financially responsible medical care during a hospital stay.


  • Evaluating annual health plan options and related benefits elections.
  • Serving as a sounding board and resource during diagnosis, treatment and recovery or post-treatment.
  • Communicating appropriate medical information to family and friends.


  • Searching for specialty providers, scheduling appointments and arranging for support services.
  • Coordinating second surgical or medical opinions.
  • Facilitating timely transfer of medical records.
  • Assisting in selection of senior care or special needs services, facility arrangements and placements.


  • Investigating and exerting best efforts to resolve delays in insurer authorizations for services and denials of claims for benefits.
  • Representing you in internal and external appeals.
  • Auditing medical bills to identify duplicate or other erroneous charges.
  • Negotiating settlements (when feasible) in balance billings from health care providers.
  • Estate administration services – resolving all open medical bills.


  • Assisting you in selecting a physician or other health care provider.
  • Informing you of your rights as a patient or health plan member, and supporting you in enforcing these rights.
  • Researching credible resources to provide clear, credible and meaningful information that enables you to understand your medical condition and decide among treatment options.
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